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KNT Projects can be trusted to successfully complete your home renovations, alterations and extensions with minimal discomfort to you and your family. With our years of experience in large and small renovation projects, you can count on us to do the job right! KNT Projects has a full professional team to cover all building and related functions that may be required in order to complete any renovation requests you may have for your home:
- Boundary Walls
- Doors fitting
- Tiling
- Brick laying
- Cupboard fitting
- Ceilings
- Painting
- Plastering
- Cornice and skirting
- Plumbing
- Aluminium doors and windows fitting

Home renovations: house alterations, extra rooms, adding garages, boundary walls . . .

An addition to the family, the need for an extra room for office use, adding garages or upgrading boundary walls – these are all reasons we might feel we need to sell our property and search for a home more suitable for our families’ demands. Eliminate the stress of moving by simply extending and renovating your existing home.

We work within your budget: with the right guidance you can do a lot with a small budget.


Aluminium Doors and Windows

The company offers a wide range of glass and aluminium products for both commercial and domestic applications:

Windows: projecting top-hung, side-hung, louvres, horizontal & vertical sliding windows

Doors: hinge and pivot entrance doors, domestic and heavy-duty sliding doors, sliding folding doors

Other: shower enclosures, skylights, sun-room enclosures, shop front, balustrading and custom made products in a variety of configurations, for various applications


Product features

We also offer a 10 year corrosion guarantee on aluminium. All products comply with National Building Regulations (NBR), AAAMSA & SAGGA requirements We offer a: 2-year guarantee on all our installations

- Our units are manufactured from durable, maintenance-free, high quality corrosion resistant aluminium that will add value to your home, office, store, etc.               
- 25 micron anodising ideal for coastal applications
- 60-100 micron powder coatings in a spectrum of colours
- Glazing complies with part “N” glazing of the National Building Regulations
- All assembly joints are silicone sealed during manufacturing


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